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AVI CRAVE – A Online Birdcage Brand

AVI CRAVE is an online birdcage brand registered in the INDIA. Since the establishment, it has achieved steadily rapid development among top birdcage brands, which are highly trusted by INDIAN pet bird lovers for safety and construction. As ever, AVI CRAVE is dedicated to providing INDIAN customers with reliable and professional pet bird housing solutions that boast safe materials, large space, and great comfort for pet birds.

hanging bird cagehanging bird cage

Handle Design

Handle design on the top make it convenient to move the cage wherever you want.

cuttlefish bone holdercuttlefish bone holder

Cuttlefish bone holder

Cuttlefish bone holder is used to hang cuttlefish bone to the cage so it will be clean and easy for birds to eat them

Cuttlefish bone Cuttlefish bone

Cuttlefish bone

A cuttlefish bone should always be left in your birds cage. They are essential to your birds health because of the calcium they provide. … They help keep your birds beak sharp and trimmed. They provide a source of entertainment and activity for your bird

waste collection tray for cage waste collection tray for cage

Hard and durable tray

Slide-out trays can be removed for easy cleaning; mesh panels between birds and the trays can prevent your birds walk/lay directly on the trays.


bird feeding cup

bird feeding cup

wooden perch stick

wooden perch stick

Food and water feeding cup

This transparent clear cups are made of fiber glass which are not only good looking but also easy to clean and durable

2 Natural Wood Perch

2 Polished wooden perch provides a comfy place for birdies to rest and also be active by jumping one perch to another instead on sitting on single perch


bird cage with 2  breeding box gate bird cage with 2  breeding box gate

2 breeding box fixing gates

AVI CRAVE bird cage comes with 2 breeding box opening gates this will helps you to fix two breeding box (nest box) outside the cage so that your birds will get ample of space to fly and to keep their toys. fixing breeding box outside the cage not only provides space for them it will also help you to check the chicks or eggs of your birds regularly without disturbing them…….


bird cage with escape lock bird cage with escape lock

Anti escape lock for birds

The curved lock system provides a locking system for all doors of the cage which prevents escaping of your naughty and intelligent bird…. according to a recent survey more than 50% of birds which are lost in the U.S are from escaping from the cage so to prevent this AVI CRAVE has come up with the new idea of providing an inbuilt lock for all doors of the cage

bird cage combobird cage combo

Bird cage combo

This combo pack consists of

2 natural wooden perch stick

1 foldable cage with 2 doors for breeding box

1 durable hard waste collection tray

2 transparent glass fiber feeder bowl

1 cuttlefish bone holder

1 large cuttlefish bone

Power coated cages
Very useful product

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