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Product Description

Sponge filtersSponge filters

Maintenance of Sponges

Maintenance for SpongeMaintenance for Sponge

The sponge will need to be rinsed every time it becomes dirty, about once every 1 to 4 weeks.It’s helpful to reserve the beneficial bacteria by washing the sponge gently with water from the fish tank instead of tap water.After 6 to 12 months’ usage, the micro holes of sponge is gradually clogged by the tiny debris. So it is also recommended to replace the sponge once 6 to 12 months or when the sponge gets worn out.

White Filter Cotton SpongeWhite Filter Cotton Sponge

Aquarium spongeAquarium sponge

White Filter Cotton Sponge

This high quality filter cotton pad is designed for water filtration in aquarium and ponds.Excellent water permeability.Very suitable for using in freshwater and marine water.

Aquarium Sponge Filter

Material: Cotton. Color: White.Size: about 38x12x2cm (LxWxH).It suitable for use in outdoor pond filtration systems as well as indoor tanks, any filters, sump and aquariums.

Aquarium Sponge Filter Details

bacteria free sponge

bacteria free sponge

mutli layer sponge

mutli layer sponge

washable sponge

washable sponge

sponge filter for fish tank

sponge filter for fish tank

High Efficiency and Cultivate Bacteria

More Fish waste is effectively intercepted, more beneficial bacteria are parasitized, and bacteria have enough time to decompose organic matter.

Multi Layer Sponge

Multi layer structure, heavy filtration.

Easy to Clean

It Can be used again after cleaning.The biochemical filter has the best effect on decomposing the excrement and the forage leftover.Cultivate the nitrifying bacteria for biological filtration.

Free to Cut and Use

It Can be cut any sizes as your needed.Lightweight and softness design.Excellent water permeability.

According to the analysis of the experts, products with this pore gap and flexibility. The most suitable for cultivating the fine nitro bacteria. And also improve water quality than will reduce death rate of fishes in tank.
Place our aquarium filter pad traps micro and macro organic particles, foreign debris, waste, excess fish food, decaying plants, detritus, and other coarse helps maintain beautiful water for sustained enjoyment and longevity of your fishes.
Effective Fish Tank Filter Media – Provide both mechanical and biological filteration, perfect for freshwater or saltwater aquariums reef tank, making your fish tank water super clean and clear.
Durable and reusable, cut to fit, very good flow, easy to clean, perfect for filtering your aquarium fish tank pond. Package Includes: 6pcs X Aquarium Filter Cotton Sponge

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