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Ultra clear flocculant ultraclear is the friendly way to beautify your ponds and fountains. Ultra clear works naturally and actually benefits the environment. Ultra clear biological pond clarifier is 100 % safe for fish, wildlife and turf. Ultra clear biological pond clarifier will not harm fish or other wildlife that are in your pond or use your pond. And, ultra clear biological pond clarifier is easy to use. Simply shake well and pour straight from the bottle according to the dosage instructions. Ultra clear flocculent is a chemical formulation that clears pond water by causing tiny particles to clump together (flocculation). Through flocculation, pond particles become large enough to settle by gravity to the bottom of the pond (where they can be vacuumed away) or easily filtered. Flocculent also removes phosphates from pond water. Ultra clear flocculent works in just hours, compared to ultra clear biological pond clarifier, which will take days to weeks to show a satisfactory result. However, any chemical clarifier, including ultra clear flocculent, will remove beneficial bacteria along with other pond particles. Therefore, we recommend application of ultra clear biological pond clarifier after use of any chemical clarifier. How does ultra clear flocculent work? Poor clarity results from suspended and colloidal materials in the pond water. Examples of suspended material are fine clay or silt particles that do not settle, free-swimming algae or other microorganisms and tiny bits of decaying organic matter. These materials are so small that they remain suspended and do not settle to the bottom. Colloidal materials are smaller yet and stay in suspension. Flocculent is a polymer product with the ability to clump small particles together. When these materials are clumped together by the action of flocculent, they become larger and heavier. If you add enough of the product, the large particles will actually sink to the bottom of the pond where they can be vacuumed

Ucf preferably to be used with external filter or power filter on
Safe with all type of aquatic organisms at prescribed dosage
To be used with new water exchange
Dosage – 10 ml / 50 litre