Price: ₹ 270.00 - ₹ 249.00
(as of May 23,2021 09:15:16 UTC – Details)

User Instruction: 1.Tighten the output nozzle to the pump provided along with the pump in the box. 2.Attach a PVC Hose pipe of 12.5mm (0.5 Inch) diameter as per the height of your cooler/ fountain. 3.Attach the loose ends of the wire to the switch of the cooler (as already fixed in your cooler) or to the plug provided in the case using in a fountain. 4. Place the pump inside water in the cooler/ water tank. 5.Your pump is ready to use. Please Note: 1. You may hear a rattling sound of impellor of the pump.This sound is normal and all pumps make this sound. 2. Do not run the pump dry. 3. The Pump must be submerged in the water completely. 4. Make sure the loose wire ends are not submerged in water. 5. It is a must use a PVC pipe with the pump to get desired performance. About the Product : Aqua-60 Submersible Pump is a highly efficient water lifting pump. This pump has an 18W motor that can lift water up to 1.5 metres and it is made of rust proof durable quality material. The motor submerges completely into the water and is shock-proof The product output is 1100 liters per hour. The pump weighs 400 gms and is highly portable. Aqua-60 pump is easy to install and handle which comes in a compact size and consumes low electricity. Important Information: 1.Do Not Operate Pump Without Water. 2.Do Not Attempt to Repair the Pump Yourself. 3.Do NOT Operate the Pump,if it has DAMAGED CORD or PLUG.

Fully Submersible Pump with LVS technolog,also saves Electricity
Ideal for Air Coolers of 3 to 4 feet Height, Domestic Fountains for Home Decoration , Aquariums for Water Circulation & Aqua-ponics
Max Output: 1.5 Metres Water Lifting (Approx 5 Feet)
Voltage: 165-240V/50 Hz . Power: 18 Watts , Output Pipe Size: 1/2 Inch

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