Price: ₹ 400.00 - ₹ 200.00
(as of May 25,2021 09:23:01 UTC – Details)

KSK Rope Wooden Chewing Bird Toy play very important role in keeping them engaged or to make them feel lively even in the cage or in absence of owner. Generally owner can’t take care of birds 24*7; in such situation science says that there should be a simulator. Bird toys are nothing but the simulator. Young Birds continuously play with these toys and this play time forms the learning period in their life. Birds learn textures, colors and shapes; it also helps to develop coordination and dexterity. Natural activities like climbing and swinging are executed through and on toys. we have use FDA approved Food Grade Colors we r not use chemicals colors for finishing. because oil colors make a Crust and this crust is harmful If eaten by the birds. but we are using neutral & edible colors these are the colors blend with wood & not making crust on wood. so those colors not harmful for birds if they eating wood by mistakenly. *FDA approved Food Grade Colors-NO dangerous chemicals *Bird Safe Hardware – NO lead or zinc *100% Indian cotton rope-NO synthetics *Non-Toxic Wood protect with natural therapy -NO treated or toxic species

Made with 100-percent pet safe, non-toxic, colors and materials
Your Bird will spend hours climbing, pulling and chomping on a variety of shapes and textures

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