Price: ₹ 429.00
(as of May 17,2021 09:42:22 UTC – Details)

Maxi is a nutrient rich food that has been formulated to deliver a cat’s need for its diet requirement. Enriched with ocean fish and other essential ingredients which helps your feline to maintain the beautiful skin and coat. Taurine, an essential amino acid keeps the heart healthy and promotes the growth and development of the body. We assure all our ingredients goes through a strict selection process by nutritional laboratories to meet the safety and quality standards of the product. Our extensive research guarantees high palatability, better digestibility.

Taurine contains an essential amino acid which improves the eye vision and maintain the healthy heart
A wholesome food that is made of ocean fish with the combination of vitamins keeps the coat beautiful and lustrous
Prebiotics and probiotics protects from hairball formation and improves the digestive system
The blend of organic minerals along with the essential ingredients helps to control urinary pH

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