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NATLIS is India’s Fastest Growing online pet supplier and trader. Shop online from the rare collections of pet fishes, birds, reptiles, insects, plants, pet supplies and similar products featuring the best brands. We assure the Genuineness of Products and Brands we manufacture, trade and Sell. Our Aquarium Product Ranges from Aquarium heater, aquarium Light, aquarium decoration items, aquarium air Pump, aquarium Water filter and Oxygen supplier equipment’s, Fish food supplements etc.

-Fish Net: The soft nylon net blends in water to help catch those crafty, quick fish. Fine mesh net is perfect for safely transferring delicate fish and removing small debris from the water.
-Multi-Functional Filter: It is suitable for three different function – Water Pumping, Filtering and Oxygenation. This aquarium oxygen pump is a perfect supply for many kinds of fish tanks or aquarium such as reef tanks, breeding aquariums and decorative aquariums and so on.
-Blue Liquid And Dechlorine For Aquarium: Dechlorine creates natural water condition instantly by neutralising fresh tap water and blue liquid help to anti-white spots fresh water conditioner.
Colourful Aquarium View: Install this led light inside the aquarium, the light create a stunning sunset, a vivid shores of a reef, or highlight submerged caves, and other debr/>
1 X Aquarium Light(28 cm)
1 X Filter
1 Fish food of 100g
1 Blue Liquid
1 Dechlorine
1 Fish Net.

-Due to saturation levels on different monitors, the colour of the actual product may vary slightly.
-Always place the heater near a filter as effective heating can only take place when there is a strong circulation of water to evenly spread the heated water all around the tank.
-Unplugged the appliance 10 minutes before water change.
-There might be a 1-2 cm size difference, kindly

3 Lighting Modes Light: The Blue, White and White-Blue light is good for aquatic plants, pets or the fish, it creates wonderful aquaspace of your fish tank. It is the best choice for accent light, main light or replacement aquarium hood light.
Benefits OF Filter For Aquarium: Inside the filter, activated carbon cartridge removes harmful chemicals, toxins, odours, discoloration, and other contaminants from your aquarium or tank. Internal sponge optimizes colonization of beneficial aerobic bacteria.
Widely Use Of Fish Net: The fine mesh net are great for transferring your fish when routine tank cleaning, cleaning debris in water, catching fallen leaves on swimming pool and more.
Fish Food: Our fish food is a balance staple diet for all tropical fish. It also help to reduce the water pollution with digestible ingredients. It can float in the water.

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