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Are you looking for a new high-quality rope dog toys suitable for both indoor & outdoor games with dog? Maybe you want to train your puppy to stop chewing on furniture or shoes? Perhaps you just searching for an easy way to keep your pup’s little teeth healthier and cleaner? Finally, you’ve found the best dog chew toys that will meet all your needs and will help to prevent boredom in your dog HERE ARE A FEW REASONS FOR CHOOSING PET KING TOY FOR DOGS ★ ideal size for small and medium dogs – cotton rope dog toy will make your dog more active and happier ★ perfect choice for teething puppies that like to chew everything around them ★ sturdy and safe material – each dog rope toy is made of multi-colored non-toxic, durable cotton rope ★ a lot of variations – set of dog chewing toys comes in five varieties of toy – your pet will never get bored ★ multiple uses – just imagine, you can use dog rope toys for: √ massaging gums and to cleaning pet’s teeth during playtime √ teaching your puppy to play fetch or tug of war √ reducing destructive chewing in your home √ just to enjoy bonding time with your dog SET OF DOG CHEW TEETHING TOYS – 5 PACK ROPE TOYS HELPFUL TIP For keeping your dog’s interest to chew dog toys for hours, it’s recommended to change doggy chew toys almost every day and use it on different occasions

❤️ DOES YOUR POOCH LOVE PLAYING TUG OF WAR? Do you find that all your rope toys are chewed up and disintegrated in minutes? Then you need the 4LegsFriend pack of 4 most durable (but not indestructible) dog rope toys for medium to XL dogs who love to play rough! Also suitable for smaller breeds with a Napoleon Complex! Great toys to entertain your best friend, relieve boredom and anxiety. Fun interactive play which reduces stress levels in dogs and humans.
🇮🇳 HAND MADE IN INDIA WITH CARE : Made with a mix of cotton and Polyester fibres for shine and extra strength. Hand picked “Bob Barker Blue” Colour and packed with care to brim you with excitement and make your fall in love with you ever so easily. Enjoy!
SUPER LONG DURABLE Our Rope Dog Chew Toys have thick and tight knots which makes it long lasting, even for aggressive chewers. These nearly indestructible dog toys will entertain your dog for hours unlike squeaky or plush toys that get destroyed in minutes.
SUPER SAFE NON-TOXIC Our Rope Dog Chew Toys are handmade by twining high quality cotton & polyester threads; this rope is further knotted together for added strength, protection & durability.
DENTAL CLEANING Braided cotton & polyester thread helps to clean up dirt hidden in dogs teeth due to the friction when your dog is chewing the toy. It also promotes the healthy growth of teeth and gums.
HELPS REDUCE ANXIETY IN DOGS AND STOPS THEM FROM CHEWING ON FURNITURE & PERSONAL BELONGINGS Satisfies dogs natural urge to chew as dogs can chew for hours, our Rope Dog Chew Toys will keep them busy when you are not around and will also provides comfort when they feel nervous. Suitable for small & medium dog breeds.
GREAT FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT Every dog loves to play with his human parent and have fun together and our rope chew dog toys facilitate the same . These toys can be used for both indoor or outdoor playing or training. Satisfying dogs instinctual needs and strengthening the bond between dog and owner

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