Price: ₹ 425.00 - ₹ 374.00
(as of May 31,2021 01:53:46 UTC – Details)

PetRise Food For Lovebird and cockatiel. Pet Rise love bird and cockatiel food is a perfect blend of high quality natural seeds. it is free from artificial color, harm full preservatives. This is complete food for love birds and cockatiel, – Ingredients: imported canary seed, imported black millet, imported red millet, imported white millet, imported oats, yellow Millets, proso millet, green proso millet, niger seed, buckwheat, Flax Seed, Alfalfa Meal, Sunflower Seed, safola seed, Red Sorghum, little canary seed, brown top millet. All seeds ratio is mixed and maintained as per different weather season to keep your birds fit and active. some indian seeds are subjected to change as per season.

HIGH QUALITY : Top quality food is a main source of Energy,Vitamins and Minerals for Cockatiel and Lovebirds.
Excellent for Cockatiel and Lovebird Feather health.
food is pure natural food.It does not contain any chemicals and Artificial Colors.
BEST FOR BREEDING : PetRise love birds and cockatiel food contains Imported millet and canary which is useful for good conditioning and breeding of birds.

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