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Petslife Hand Feeding Formula was one of the first “instant” formulas available and is one of the most researched and respected products used by professional breeders, veterinarians and conservation programs. This high-nutrient formula was developed for the needs of baby birds and it is suggested for all hatched chicks for the first month of life. When used properly, petslife food will support healthy crop.
A blended nutrition pack with DHA Omega 3 Fatty acids. This ensures for proper development and brighter plumage in birds.
Calcium and other minerals helps in formation of beaks and bones.
A fortified formula with natural ingredients helps in better digestion of young chicks.
Vitamin E protects from oxidative damage and feather development in young ones.
Beta-Carotenoid pigments are abundant in plant based food which helps in brilliant coloration of feathers like yellow, orange or red. Beyond coloration , B-Carotene helps to boost immune defences and prevents cellular damage and also acts as anti-oxidants.
It is extremely important to follow the directions completely and thoroughly. Petslife hand feeding formula is mixed with clean hot water to a desired consistency. Feed the hungry baby with a special hand-feeding syringe. Hatchlings must be fed about every two hours, where 10-12 % of their body weight per feeding should be ensured by proper monitoring of their growth and health. Fresh formula should be done at every feeding. Proper hygiene should be maintained throughout the surrounding.

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