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(as of Sep 27,2021 06:08:58 UTC – Details)

Why Smarter Toys? Smarter Toys for Smarter Dogs! Smarter Toys provide variable learning levels to encourage mind-bending, challenging play that keeps dogs busy for hours. Fill Toy Ball with your dog’s favorite treats for irresistible fun, a healthy outlet for instinct and energy, and a diversion from unwanted behavior. Why dogs need interactive toys! Playtime keeps dogs physically fit and mentally sharp. Without toys and healthy exercise, dogs may grow bored and engage destructive behavior. Play Treat Ball What better way to keep your dog mentally stimulated, physically active, happy, and healthy than with a toy that contains his or her favorite treats? Fill the Treat Ball with kibble or treats and watch as your dog (or cat) rolls and nudges the ball to get the tasty morsels inside. Brain Food Cube Give your dog the ultimate brain teaser with the Toy Ball as a Food Cube! Fill the teething like gaps with your dog’s favorite treats. Then let your dog push and nuzzle the toy to release the treats. Available in large size! Promote Healthy Teeth! Last but not least! This toy will certainly promote healthy teething for your pet as the teeth like structures will massage the gums and increase strength and endurance of enamel! More Information: Discourages destructive behavior Rewards healthy play A great way to treat your dog Note: Toy must be larger than the width of your dog’s mouth Click ‘ADD TO CART’ to Buy Now!

Great fun and exercise for your dog, keeps your dog entertained for hours, feeding and play in an interactive way, helps promote healthy diet and activity.
It makes a kind of duck’s quack sound while the dog is rolling it around, making it more exciting for the dog.
The sound made by air convection and magnetic influence, not by pressing. As long as convection in the right direction, balls will be issued a kind of duck’s quack sound to attract dogs’ attention and interest.
To entertain your dog whilst rewarding them at time of play, your pet is not only stimulated mentally, trying to understand how to get the treats out of the ball, but also it keeps them entertained for as long as it take them to get all the treats out.

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