Price: ₹ 999.00 - ₹ 499.00
(as of May 24,2021 20:50:24 UTC – Details)

Color:Red Pet automatic drinking fountain / seat pet water drinker Specification: Capacity is about 350ml, bottom is 22cm long, bowl diameter is 12.5cm, height is 5.5cm Colours Available: Red, Blue Material: Environmentally friendly resin material, non-toxic and harmless Features: There are 4 non-slip mats on the bottom to prevent the drinker from moving and stable. The caliber is the same as that of a regular Coke bottle, and you can change any beverage bottle as needed. According to the principle of air pressure, automatic water renewal! Make your pets drink healthier and healthier! Usage: First fill the chassis with a clean water source, then fill the bottle with water and then insert it on the base. When the pet goes to drink the water in the chassis, the water poured into the bottle will automatically flow down to the balance point, so that the water inside the bowl is full.

Suitable for your pet, used for storing food or water for your pet
Material: Eco-friendly plastic, high strength, super lightweight and corrosion-resistant.
Good structure design-removable lower parts for easy cleaning.
The great benefit of this automatic drinker is that it can be placed in any room and place in the room, free from space constraints, and can be used out of the cage.

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