Price: ₹ 699.00 - ₹ 299.00
(as of May 23,2021 14:56:06 UTC – Details)

  • Activated carbon is frequently recommended for use in aquarium filters. 
  • It can effectively eliminate odors. It detoxifies harmful metals. 
  • Purifies and soften the water absorb chemical residue and compounds and water purifying effect. 

ADVANTAGES- Most cost effective and natural bio filter media. Designed to maximize the surface area to house nitrifying bacteria; Provide a clean healthy aquarium environment for fish and marine organism; Great for freshwater or saltwater fish tank or mini-reef aquarium. PH Neutral
HOW TO USE – Just Rinse carbon media thoroughly until the water runs clear before use. Can be used in Outlet Filter/ Sump Filter or underneath the main aquarium substrates. Removes odor, colors, organic pollutants / waste without adding phosphates to the water; Removes toxic compounds from fish tank; Natural shape of rocks increases surface area and maximizes absorption of tiny particles.
MULTIPURPOSE USE – Great for use in Terrariums, Dish Gardens, Miniature Gardens, Lawn & Craft. Can be used in Kitchens, Cars to remove odors.
SOIL CONDITIONER – Sweetens soil by absorbing nutrients for plant roots. Use as bottom layer for home and indoor planters. Use for any Indoor Outdoor Kitchen Balcony and Terrace garden plants in planters. Small to medium size pieces keeps soil from compacting on roots of potted plants. Mix with existing soil depending on type of plant and the nutrition it needs.

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