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Bird Food
HOW DIFFERENT IS THIS FROM OTHER PRODUCTS? Inspired through the research studies of National Bird Feeding Society, USA – Tunai Natural + was created as an alternative feed for your birds who may like to taste and entertain themselves than the monotonous daily feed. This multi blend of seeds, millets, minerals and other add on elements provide rich source of protein, fat, multi vitamins which is something they search, scratch, sharpening their beak to innovate and eat the seeds.
WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? A) Boost the growth of feathers and help to develop beautiful plumage, B) Regulates digestion, body weight, fluid balance, blood pressure, and bowel health, C) Increases muscle mass, Fat burning mechanism and essential for wound healing, D) Natural stress reliever for birds which is something they do in the wild, E) Tunai Natural + helps your birds to remain anti acidic which keeps the bird’s key digestion processes in good shape.
HOW TO INTRODUCE TUNAI NATURAL PLUS TO YOUR CHOOSY, VERY PICKY BIRDS AND FED? If a food is new to a bird, it may not even recognize it as food. Offer new food in a familiar dish with other foods you know your bird already likes, and they may try the new food. Even if your bird only gets a taste of the new food by accident they still might decide they like it. Giving birds extra water for drinking and bathing is the best way to help them keep cool.
CAN THIS BE FED TO YOUR VISITOR BIRDS? OH YES, Tunai Natural Plus is for all kind of birds and squirrels. To attract birds along with food trays add multiple bird baths to your yard, including ground level basins, pedestal baths, and hanging baths or waterers. This will give different birds different options for accessing water, and provide more bathing and drinking space for every feathered visitor.

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