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KEY BENEFITS OF TUNAI FOXTAIL MILLETS: Tunai Foxtail millet aids in building immunity to diseases. Helps in better digestion, assist in building muscle strength and keeps the body healthy. Helps improve the immune system & fight anaemia in women. Helps to improve blood circulation & a healthy growth.
HIGH FIBER, LOW CHOLESTEROL: Tunai Foxtail Millets are high in dietary fiber and is a prebiotic, supporting the good bacteria in the bird’s digestive system. The millets assist in building a strong digestive system and a healthier heart. Millets are high in fibre which assist in regulating sugar in blood in turn relieving stress for birds.
UNHULLED FOXTAIL MILLETS: Foxtail Millets are unshelled and so the goodness of the bran & nutrients stays intact. Unshelled millets assist the birds to relieve their stress when they try to deshell the millets by using their beak.
FOXTAIL MILLET IS A SUPER GRAIN: Foxtail Millets use just 20 – 30% of the water that rice or wheat need for cultivation. The lower water usage makes it a sustainable crop and friendly to Mother Earth. After the collection of fresh millets, they are de-stoned to remove stones, dust and impurities Post de-stoning, the Millets are graded and separated for even-sized, fully formed grains.

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