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A complete, balanced feed for parrots resembles food that the bird would eat in the wild enriched with essential vitamins. This product is made from good quality material. We do offer different type of products. All our products are made from quality material. Care instruction keep away from the items or products which may cause damage to this product.
Includes numerous fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals and a mixture of nuts supporting the nervous system.
Ingredients – Striped sunflower seed, white sunflower seed, mung beans, red sorghum, wheat flour, white sorghum, pumpkin seed, peanut, rosehip, dehydrated carrot, dehydrated beetroot, hawthorn berry, bean flakes, safflower, corn flakes, peanut, pea flakes, bakery yeast, natural food colorants allowed in the E.U.
Suitable for – Big Parrots
Weight – 900 gm

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