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liveonce -bird- houseliveonce -bird- house

Birdhouses serve as nest hubs mainly they are specially meant to provide a secured and safe place for varieties of birds to build their nest

If you are looking for a quality birdhouse, this model is the right pick for you. It is made of coir it’s an known and natural objects for all species and birds .Its design is particularly designed attract all birds .Its hole is perfect for birds to make nest safe and warm inside.

It is worth mentioning that birdhouses serve very valuable roles. There is a need to provide birdhouses for a number of reasons. In today’s world, we could observe that habitat loss has driven plenty of species away from their previous settling locations. Basically, an appropriate shelter could bring birds back home.

Bird houses are very helpful in terms of providing birds with a safe shelter to look after their young. Besides, when birds migrate, birdhouses also serve to provide birds with a secured hub where birds can rest. In general, birdhouses aid to ensure that the bird population is preserved since birds consume seeds and spread those seeds in various regions, which in turn supports the growth of plants. Further, birds also participate in eating vexatious insects.








bird -house-birds

bird -house-birds


Our handmade birdhouses and feeders that come with suitable dimensions will help provide the necessary safety from predators, a safe shelter for breeding as well as in providing the warmth especially required during the coldest season of the year.


You will surely love its insect repelling as well as weather resistant features too. It is rust-proof so that means it could resist any changes in temperature and it is easy to assemble. The purpose of easily tracking the progress of residing birds without distracting them


Rust and weather proof so it can last for many years

Easy to set up and clean

Comes with a unique design that is capable of captivating all birds

Made of sturdy construction materials and premium quality craftsmanship

Valuable Product

Best product with attractive design

our bird nest specialy designed for all sparrows and small birds ,love birds etc
Our nest has designed with coir it familiar known object to the bird ,it’s easily attract all birds with safe house
The birds choose only safe house to protect thier baby,s liveonce asssured you to give safe bird house for your birds
our bird house have inside smooth coir bird bed

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